[新聞] 第89屆奧斯卡釋出91首最佳原創歌曲候選名單

by JeanLin

第 89 屆奧斯卡頒獎典禮於日前釋出了 91 首具有參賽資格的最佳原創歌曲名單,電影類型包含劇情長片、記錄長片以及動畫長片應有盡有,今年有不少與音樂有關的電影,像是《樂來越愛你》、《魔髮精靈》、《歡樂好聲音》等,皆由主演演員親自獻唱,包括萊恩葛斯林(Ryan Gosling)、艾瑪史東(Emma Stone)、安娜坎卓克(Anna Kendrick)、賈斯汀(Justin Timberlake)、史嘉蕾喬韓森(Scarlett Johansson)。

另外還有像是 Pink 為《魔境夢遊:時光怪客》演唱的主題曲、擔綱《動物方城市》配音的夏奇拉也在電影中獻上,九吋釘前主唱 Trent Reznor 為紀錄片《洪水來臨前》打造了情緒滿溢的片尾曲、前年得主 Common 與導演艾娃杜佛內(Ava DuVernay)於紀錄片《憲法第十三條修正案》中再次合作,此外日本視覺系天團 X Japan 主唱 Toshi 也為紀錄片《X Japan:永劫回歸》特別製作了全新曲目。下方也為大家整理了部分歌曲的 YouTube 播放清單,完整名單如下:

Just Like Fire,《魔境夢遊:時光怪客》(Alice through the Looking Glass)
Rise,《American Wrestler: The Wizard》
Friends,《憤怒鳥玩電影》(The Angry Birds Movie)
Flicker,《被害公審》(Audrie & Daisy)
Seconds,《秋日之光》(Autumn Lights)
A Minute To Breathe,《洪水來臨前》(Before the Flood)
Glory (Let There Be Peace),《Believe》
Mother's Theme,《Believe》
The Only Way Out,《賓漢》(Ben-Hur)
Still Falling For You,《BJ有喜》(Bridget Jones's Baby)
F That,《銅牌巨星》(The Bronze)
Torch Pt. 2,《公民戰士》(Citizen Soldier)
Drift And Fall Again,《換腦行動》(Criminal)
Take Me Down,《怒火地平線》(Deepwater Horizon)
Land Of All,《最後一次自由》(Desierto)
Sad But True (Dreamland Theme),《Dreamland》
Angel By The Wings,《馴鷹女獵人》(The Eagle Huntress)
Blind Pig,《怪獸與牠們的產地》(Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
One Frame At A Time,《Floyd Norman: An Animated Life》
I'm Crying,《烈火邊境》(Free State of Jones)
Champion,《光榮擂台》(Hands of Stone)
Dance Rascal, Dance,《你好,我叫陶樂絲》(Hello, My Name Is Doris)
I See A Victory,《關鍵少數》(Hidden Figures)
Sixty Charisma Scented Blackbirds,《How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change》
My Superstar,《冰原歷險記:笑星撞地球》(Ice Age: Collision Course)
Seeing You Around,《Ithaca》
The Empty Chair,《Jim: The James Foley Story》
Audition (The Fools Who Dream),《樂來越愛你》(La La Land)
City Of Stars,《樂來越愛你》
Start A Fire,《樂來越愛你》
Cateura Vamos A Soñar (We Will Dream),《來自垃圾場的美妙樂章》(Landfill Harmonic)
Better Love,《泰山傳奇》(The Legend of Tarzan)
Never Give Up,《搜尋回家路》(Lion)
Equation,《小王子》(The Little Prince)
Moonshine,《夜行人生》(Live By Night)
Hurry Home,《Max Rose》
Gone 2015,《瘋狂邁爾士》(Miles Ahead)
Wish That You Were Here,《怪奇孤兒院》(Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)
I'm Still Here,《莎朗瓊斯》(Miss Sharon Jones!)
How Far I'll Go,《海洋奇緣》(Moana)
We Know The Way,《海洋奇緣》
Even More Mine,《我媽的希臘婚禮》(My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2)
Waving Goodbye,《霓虹惡魔》(The Neon Demon)
I'm Back,《Never Surrender》
Find My Victory,《Olympic Pride, American Prejudice》
On Ghost Ridge,《100年:一個女人爭取正義》(100 Years: One Woman's Fight for Justice)
Ordinary World,《Ordinary World》
Devil's Girl,《亡命徒與天使》(Outlaws and Angels)
Ginga,《貝利:傳奇的誕生》(Pelé: Birth of a Legend)
Nobody Knows,《尋龍傳說》(Pete's Dragon)
Something Wild,《尋龍傳說》
Dancing With Your Shadow,《Po》
I'm So Humble,《流行天王:日也操暝也操》(Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping)
Stay Here,《Presenting Princess Shaw》
Celebrate Life,《Queen Mimi》
Back To Life,《逐夢棋緣》(Queen of Katwe)
Let The Games Begin,《奔跑吧,人生》(Race)
Think About It,《The Red Pill》
The Rules Don't Apply,《Rules Don't Apply》
The Great Beyond,《腸腸搞轟趴》(Sausage Party)
Set It All Free,《歡樂好聲音》
Drive It Like You Stole It,《搖滾青春戀習曲》(Sing Street)
Go Now,《搖滾青春戀習曲》
The Veil,《神鬼駭客:史諾登》(Snowden)
Kiss Me Goodnight,《小鎮性侵疑雲》(Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four)
Holdin' Out,《送子鳥》(Storks)
Heathens,《自殺突擊隊》(Suicide Squad)
Flying Home,《薩利機長:哈德遜奇蹟》(Sully)
Montage,《屍控奇幻旅程》(Swiss Army Man)
Petit Metier,《They Will Have to Kill Us First - Malian Music in Exile》
Letter To The Free,《憲法第十三條修正案》(13th)
Down With Mary,《Too Late》
Can't Stop The Feeling,《魔髮精靈》(Trolls)
Get Back Up Again,《魔髮精靈》
Smile,《The Uncondemned》
We Will Rise,《Veeram-Macbeth》
LA Venus,《X Japan:永劫回歸》(We Are X)
New Dogs, Old Tricks,《What Happened Last Night》
Runnin' Runnin',《What Happened Last Night》
What's Happening Today,《What Happened Last Night》
Who I Am,《What Happened Last Night》
The Ballad Of Wiener-Dog,《臘腸狗》(Wiener-Dog)
Try Everything,《動物方程式》(Zootopia)